Former head of British MI6 threatens to leak Iraq War secrets

The Liberty Beat

BY: Derrick Broze

Sir Richard Dearlove, a former agent with the British Secret Service MI6, has threatened to release documents that could reveal that Tony Blair’s government misinformed the public about Suddam Hussein’s supposed Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs) in the build up to the Iraq War. Sir Richard, who provided intelligence about the WMDs, has been writing detailed accounts of events leading up to the war. He says he will release them if an investigation into the war, known as the Chilcot Inquiry, does not recognize the role played by Tony Blair and the Prime Minister’s chief spokesman Alastair Campbell in informing the media. The 4 year old investigation has been marred with controversy. Recently David Owen, the former foreign secretary Lord Owen said that the inquiry “is being prevented from revealing extracts that they believe relevant from exchanges between President Bush and Prime Minister Blair”.

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