Food Not Oppresion August 30th


If we were to spend the amount of money we spend on weaponry on feeding the homeless. We could eliminate the homeless problem the world over. Poverty is a form of violence. We often assume that poverty is inevitable for some people, but with the surplus of food in this country alone, no one should have to go hungry. Poverty is, instead, a way of maintaining the status quo in a society. If everyone had equal access to the necessities of life, as well as equal opportunity to education, work, etc., some very powerful people would suddenly find themselves with a little bit less due to the fact that they no longer control such a large piece of the economic pie. As an organization, Food Not Bombs simply tries to redistribute a tiny portion of the wealth (in this case, food) that so many seem to not want to give up. The name “Food Not Bombs” means just that. With so many people at home and abroad going hungry, and so much of our wealth controlled by so few, and going towards such terrible things as weaponry, it’s insane to assume that we can’t redistribute some of that wealth to those who need it.

FNBH works to use sharing of free food, exchange of information, and dialogue as a means of promoting social justice, cultural exchange, horizontal organizing, and mutual aid

Come to 521 Lamar 77002 (Downtown Library Courtyard) Mon., Wed., Fri. 8pm, & Sun. 7pm. Bring vegan food or just bring yourself! We have bowls & spoons.


After the Friday Aug 30th Feeding everyone is invited to musical extravaganza held by the Houston Free Thinkers and Visionary Noise at Mango’s music café at 403 Westheimer There is a six dollar suggested donation to help FNBH and HFT.

The lineup is a unique one full of diverse talents reflective of the typical eclectic HFT show.

Cutta: When he isn’t working on new projects with Swishahouse or Devin the Dude or moving feet on the floor he is creating great conscious music to lift us up. Cherished by HFT it is proud to stand with him behind a good cause again.

Devil Killing Moth –a four-piece acoustic garage band. The combination of acoustic guitars and effected sounds bring a fusion of acoustic singer-songwriter going for a walk in a warped candyland all thew are whuke they fill shows in Houston, in Austin they packed a venue at SXSW, they participate in remarket, and White Linen Night and are true community partipants and not simply musicians.

THE TRIMMS: Appealing to both young and older generation music fans, The Trimms are a kick, no better way to put it. They have that certain je ne sais quoi, a rock and sock and roll spirit worth acknowledging. They are, you know, the kind of band that come with searing guitar licks and all of that good stuff drenched in copious amounts of ice-cold Bud Light (which fits, being a sponsor).

Though playing many (well-selected) covers as a traditional-looking rock outfit, this motley trio played bombastic songs that stood out in their performance spirit. Each band member had a great amount of energy onstage, which translated into standout talent, and vice versa.


The Trimms: I really liked these newcomers. The power trio was a little White Stripes-heavy, but they had energy for days and had an enthusiastic crowd up front and wailing during their Lucky’s Pub set. They were also handing out free discs featuring a live set from a few shows back, so that should be getting some rotation around these parts.
It’s refreshing to see band members interacting with one another, and not setting themselves into little islands onstage. The Trimms were really good at invading each other’s space.


Sid of Arc’ a uniquely, conscious, creative, and committed hip hop artist whose performance must be experienced to be appreciated.

Local artist Samwell will be lending his talents to the cause. ‘
August 30th The Houston Free Thinkers Return to Mangos on the corner of Taft and Westheimer socome out and support Food not Bomb while having a blast and meet some of the most adamant voices against Mayor Parker’s draconian anti-food sharing ordinance


Food Not Oppresion

Food Not Oppresion

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