First Documentary Release

The Houston Free Thinkers, Mickey Beaves Productions & HFT Media are proud to announce the release of our first documentary!

HFT@RNC12 details the journey of Houston Free Thinkers' Micah Jackson, Derrick Broze and Cody Adams as they descend on Tampa, Florida for the 2012 Republican National Convention. Follow them on their journey as they document the Resist RNC protesters, P.A.U.L. Festival, the corruption in the delegate process, and come face to face with the police state erected to protect the elite.

The documentary features a number of speeches, interviews and appearances by many well known names. Featuring:
Adam Kokesh (, Ron Paul, Vermin Supreme, Danny Panzella (, Gary Johnson, Stewart Rhodes (The OathKeepers), Chuck Baldwin, David Crowley (The Grey State), Brandon Smith (, Westborro Baptist Church, Sean Wright, rebel inc., Sheriff Richard Mack, Amy Goodman (Democracy Now!) & many more. A film by Cody "Mickey Beaves" Adams

Thank you to everyone involved and who has supported us!


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