Federal Law Would Make GMO Labeling Voluntary, Preempt State Laws

By Melissa Melton – The Daily Sheeple –

Claiming they are merely seeking a “national solution,” mega food corporations are pushing a federal GMO labeling law.

The problem is, the law would be voluntary and it would preempt every state in this country from passing legislation that isn’t according to a draft obtained by Politico.

While the draft also says the GMO industry must submit to further FDA oversight, that “oversight” apparently involves GMO food makers turning in their own safety determination reports for review — just like Big Agra giants such as Monsanto already do for their GMO crops now. So, really it would just be more business as usual.

Worse, this bill would exempt ingredients like high fructose corn syrup, typically made of genetically modified corn and found in thousands of products on grocery store shelves. In fact, the bill would exempt so much, it might as well not exist:

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