February Meeting Minutes!

Greetings Friends and Family!

HFT would like to wish everyone a happy February and hope that we meet many of you in the upcoming month! Every month we meet in the first week or two and set our calendar for the coming month. If you have never been, our monthly meetings are the best time to plug into the community, have your ideas heard, network with other activists, or simply meet like-minded people. We hope you will join us next month!

– The Houston Free Thinkers

Here’s what you missed at February’s meeting:

  • We had about 20 people attend this meeting. Introductions started around 7:30 per usual!
  • Brennan facilitated the meeting and listed upcoming events (see below)
  • We also heard from the Souper Houston team.
  • We also heard from Kristal regarding her new radio program, Liberation Cafe, which airs Mondays at 7 pm.
  • We also mentioned Free Thinker Radio, hosted by Micah and Derrick, every Monday at 3-5 pm
  • The North Houston Free Thinkers gave the group an update on their upcoming activities including a documentary screening
  • Jeffer discussed upcoming volunteer opportunities at the Last Organic Outpost. Every Saturday at noon is Pizza Saturdays and Open Mic!
  • We discussed ideas for infojamming and street action. We decided to organize an upcoming event on the Trans-Pacific Partnership

Upcoming Events:


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