White House lifts block on FDA approval of GM Salmon for Human Consumption


Why the delay in release of FDA documents on gene-modified salmon?

White House Reverses Itself, Lifts Political Block on FDA Approval of GM Salmon

Aaron Dykes

True to form, the subservient and bought out Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has now approved a larger and faster growing genetically modified salmon for human consumption, paving the way for its acceptance on the marketplace and quickly making its way to the dinner table.

Only consumer opposition stands in the way.

Consumer pressure indeed prevented the so-called “enviropig” from coming to market earlier in 2012, after Canadian industries feared a backlash that would collapse their pork market, as well as other interrelated markets, including those not involved in GMO products.

The London Independent article linked on the Drudge Report.com announces the approval of the genetically-engineered salmon. From the London Independent:

A GM salmon which grows twice as fast as ordinary fish could become the first genetically-modified animal in the world to be declared officially safe to eat, after America’s powerful food-safety watchdog ruled it posed no major health or environmental risks.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) said it could not find any valid scientific reasons to ban the production of GM Atlantic salmon engineered with extra genes from two other fish species – a decision that could soon lead to its commercial production.

An FDA that can’t find any “valid” reasons to ban production isn’t looking for reasons, and this is little surprise, of course, with the likes of former Monsanto VP and lobbyist Michael Taylor as Deputy Commissioner for Foods at the FDA, essentially rubber stamping the GM industry’s projects with minimal scrutiny.

The story itself employs a number of propaganda points from the pro-GM industry players at the head of the article, burying the well-known arguments against allowing this dangerous technology at the bottom of the article, while labeling their dire warnings as unlikely and “extremely remote.” Instead, industry insiders claim that GM salmon are not only acceptable but “better for the environment” and a viable solution to overpopulation problems, etc.

Sir John Beddington, the current chief scientist, warned two years ago of a “perfect storm” of growing human numbers, climate change and food shortages, where it would be “very hard to see how it would be remotely sensible to justify not using new technologies such as GM”.

To the contrary, researchers like those at Purdue University warned as far back as 1999 that the accidental release of as few as 60 individual GM salmon into the wild could extinct wild salmon populations within 40 generations.

These frankenfish are larger and more dominant, and have already been found in studies to dangerously displace their natural counterparts.

The biotech industry has claimed this scenario could not occur because their fish are sterilized and plans are to raise them in captivity. However, the Independent article further notes:

Anti-GM groups last night raised concerns about the report. Peter Riley, of the pressure group GM Freeze, said: “The sterility system does not guarantee that there will be no escapes into the wild and some of them will be fully fertile. It’s also debatable whether anyone wants to buy GM salmon, even in the US, if it is properly labelled.”

The insightful Michael Crichton foresaw a similar scenario in his dire warning on genetic modification, Jurassic Park. In the film version, scientist Dr. Ian Malcolm is played by actor Jeff Goldblum, who comments succinctly on how dinosaurs engineered to be all female could go wild, out of control of their human designers, and reproduce against all intentions and safeguards:

“Life finds a way,” Goldblum states, as Dr. Malcolm.

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