FBI a suspect in attack on anonymous hosting company

The Liberty Beat

BY: Derrick Broze

Anonymous hosting company Freedom Hosting was hacked Sunday morning and some researchers believe the FBI is a suspect. Freedom Hosting is known to allow hosting of child pornography. Researcher Vlad Tsyrklevich stated that the code used “just sends identifying information to some IP in Reston, Virginia. It’s pretty clear that it’s FBI or it’s some other law enforcement agency that’s U.S.-based.” Tsyrklevich and others believe it is possible that the code is a captured sample of the FBI’s “computer and internet protocol address verifier,” or CIPAV. CIPAV has been described as software the FBI can deliver through a browser exploit to gather information from the target’s machine and send it to an FBI server in Virginia. It has been in use since 2002 against hackers, online sexual predators, and suspects who are disguising their location using proxy servers or anonymity services.


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