Excerpts from Mumia Abu Jamal on Lynn Stewart, Bradley Manning & Edward Snowden






By: JadetheCreator


The nation’s very own Mumia Abu Jamal, still incarcerated in Frackville, Pennsylvania as a political prisoner, has extended his aid and voice to our beloved whistleblowers Bradley, Edward, and even to Lynn Stewart.

He speaks with passion on Edward Snowden, Bradley Manning and Lynn Stewart, handing speculation to where it’s due, and commenting on the unjust charges they are facing.

He especially has a soft spot for civil rights attorney Lynn Stewart, aging, terminally cancer ridden, facing charges that inhumanely ignore her otherwise sentencing of only 18 months to live. Despite her moving plea for release, she is unlikely to see any compassion by the courts on what is said to be a fabricated charge. Mumia states:

“And now the state has prevailed, sending shock waves through the defense bar that already shies away from the kind of cases that has been Stewart’s staple for a generation. She has taken on cases involving members of the Black Panther Party, the Attica Brothers, Puerto Rican Independence fighters and since at least 1995.”


In his commentaries on Prison Radio, he discusses Lynn’s case, as well as the gross charges of Bradley Manning and what Edward Snowden faces on American soil.

Give a listen.



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