Documentary Premiere! Shirts! Newscast! Gardens! Action!

Welcome! Thanks to everyone who continues to check out what is happening in the inner world of HFT! Lot's of things going on so without further ado:

– Thursday May 2nd will be the FIRST official premiere of our documentary HFT@RNC12! We attempted a screening on April 11th but there were some technical issues that have since been resolved. We look forward to seeing each of you on Thursday May 2nd at East End Studio Gallery (708 Telephone "C") from 7 to 10 pm! There will be music, food and new hft shirts!

-Speaking of that…. Check out the new HFT Shirts! We have Small, Medium, and Larges for sale right now! They are only available in person or by special order at this point!

– Being busy with the documentary kept us from being able to put our newscast out this week, but please check out last weeks! Also we will be releasing a special episode on Friday April 19th with a special interview! Look out for it!

– Gardens! We contnue to build our garden at the Last Organic Outpost and at the Free Thinker House (2620 Truxillo). The house has regular gardening on Sundays! Please come join us!

– As Tax day and Earth day come up we are looking for those who want to get involved in some infojamming on taxes, the federal reserve and geo-engineering!

– May's Monthly meeting will be moved to a Wednesday this month because of the rescheduling of our Documentary premiere. Hope to see you there!

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