City of Houston Sues Couple on Disability for Holding Too Many Garage Sales

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(HOUSTON) — An older Houston couple has a permit from the State of Texas to run a business out of their rented home.

They hold garage sales to supplement their disability income. So why is the City of Houston suing them?

Jorge and Maria Ramos have been holding daily garage sales since 2011, making a little money to supplement Jorge’s disability income. He is blind in both eyes. They even have a permit from the state and thought they were doing everything by the book.

Robert Ramos is their son, and he says he thinks they’re being harassed.

But last week, the City of Houston filed a lawsuit against not them, but their landlord. The point: to shut down the garage sales.

The city says the garage sales violate a deed restriction in their neighborhood, and that a neighbor complained about them. Interestingly, there were no complaints filed against a neighbor who also holds daily garage sales.

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