Business Owner Wins Lawsuit Against NSA & DHS

Ben Swan

(FreedomOutpost) A small business owner and T-shirt maker who had his products forced off of internet marketplaces by the National Security Agency has WON his fight against the agency.

Dan McCall is the owner of Liberty Maniacs which is a T-shirt company based out of Minnesota. We were the very first to tell you about McCall and his fight with the NSA last August when we featured him during one of our Truth in Media episodes.

This week a major victory for McCall and all those who believe in rule of law.

The NSA has backed off its claim that McCall’s T-shirt “The NSA” had infringed on their intellectual property rights. As Ben showed you, the NSA’s claim violated the law because what McCall had done with his shirt was protected speech under the guidelines of being a “parody.” Shortly after the NSA began getting McCall’s shirts pulled from online marketplaces like, DHS or the Department of Homeland Security began doing the same thing, claiming that T-shirts that mocked their agency were also infringing on intellectual property.



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