Building a Bridge between Spirituality and Social Action


Many of us engage in spirituality for our own benefit. Spirituality allows us to feel connected to something larger than us, and to a community of others with similar values. It helps us deal with stress, heal from trauma in our pasts, and become more whole.

When we combine spiritual practice with social activism, power and possibility for change is unleashed. For this month’s New Moon Action, we invite you to build a bridge between Spirituality and Social Action.
Why Spirituality and Activism Go Together

With so many problems in the world, it can be easy to question the value of ‘selfish spirituality,’ when we could be focusing on helping others. Common images of people retreating from the problems of the world to meditate have given spirituality a reputation for being escapist, but it doesn’t have to be.

In our conversation with Charles Eisenstein earlier this year, he spoke to the tension between spirituality and activism. He argued that spirituality and activism are actually one and the same. The spiritual world is the same as the physical world in which the world’s problems exist and these two worlds impact one another.

Honor the interconnectedness of spirituality and social action. If you have a regular spiritual practice, find a way to incorporate a social commitment into it, or experiment with Dreamshifting as a way to impact the world.

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