Bostonians toke up in defense of marijuana usage

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Thousands of pro-marijuana Bostonians attended the 22nd annual Freedom Rally, commonly known as “Hempfest,” on the Boston Common Saturday afternoon to listen to live music and protest for federal legalization of marijuana.

Since cannabis was decriminalized in Massachusetts in 2008, making it illegal to arrest anyone carrying up to one ounce of marijuana, Hempfest has served both as a celebration and a rally against federal prohibition of the plant.


This year, the Common hosted 21 musical acts and booths of organizations such as the Mass. Cannabis Reform Coalition, Mass. Libertarians and Water Pipes by Vortex.


“Be brave patients and patriots and fight for the return of our freedom to choose cannabis. It’s not easy, but achieving freedom never is,” wrote D.J. Stone, editor of the magazine “1000 Watts,” in a special edition about Hempfest that was handed out at the rally.


As attendees smoked marijuana during the five-hour festival, Boston Police monitored the Common.


“We’re here to ensure public safety for the crowd,” Boston Police Deputy Superintendent Kelly Nee said in an interview. “Historically, we’ve never had a lot of problems.”


Police officials and state troopers did not attempt to fine anyone who was smoking on the Common, but some pro-marijuana advocates said they still resented seeing law enforcement.


Bostonians toke up in defense of marijuana usage [continued]


21st Annual NORML Boston Freedom Rally

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