Beyond the Machine Elves: On DMT Culture, Visionary Plants and Entheodelic Storytelling


“Mind-altering substances are usually left out of the culture-building paradigm, either through following incomplete data, or because of political correctness, and it has distorted our interpretation regarding beliefs and rituals and decision making, not only by our ancient ancestors, but in more modern times as well.” -John A. Rush[1]

DMT Culture

With the alien-like(?) technologies of the tryptamine family, the 21st century person has the chance for a cyberpunk method of self defense against info-overload. In fact, hitting the reset button on the nervous system and blipping out of the hyper mediated matrix war on consciousness that is post-modern life, and instead being melded seamlessly into the realm of shamanic self-initiation that lies beyond the imagistic astral plane has never been quite so easy. This timeless entheogenic technology has long been latent in indigenous cultures in acacia trees[2] and elsewhere abundant in nature[3] since time immemorial.

Access to the infinite metaphysical bliss glitter of the tryptamine palace is often considered an entirely modern chemical/synthetic invention, a still taboo shortcut that goes against “natural” entheogens, (such as the DMT containing ayahuasca, but also datura, iboga, peyote, psilocybin, salvia, and syrian rue) not to mention the staunch yogic asceticism[4] popular with New Age types. But cutting edge research post Terence McKenna has boldly declared these ancient tryptamine snuff techniques[5] as being reserved for the shamanic elite of elder shamanic cultures, and, controversially, possibly even in use before some of the above mentioned entheogens[6]. Entheogen use in traditional cultures centered around healing and divinatory purposes, and even the great Mircea Eliade[7] infamously recounted his omission of visionary plant tools in the context of the academic study of shamanism[8] towards the end of his life.

Of course, once the spirit returns to the body, these natural forms of altering consciousness (along with more mild doses of etheogens) can also help to stabilize and ground oneself after the cosmically daunting supersensory Sound-Light of the infamous hyperspace journey, so that the DMT-lag doesn’t disrupt the harmony of the pristine astral body.

Part of the reason for what is the undoubtedly the most outrageous religious history cover up of the our time is due to these methods being previously barred to the common spiritual seeker, as these tryptamine sacraments were not given until those seekers who bled, sweat, and cried on the moss covered temple walls were approved by the pyramid structure of shamanic-priest elite. In traditional shamanic cultures, cosmic transport systems that immediately provide consistent out of body and near death experiences (such as DMT/5-MeO-DMT and salvia) are simply reserved for those who have already proved mastery with the more gentle and slower acting entheo-technology found in the global visionary plant family. For one must die in order to truly live.

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