Assembly against GMO Foods scheduled for January 10th in Washington DC


The Organic Seed Growers and Trade Association (OSGATA) lost the suit they filed against Monsanto in March of 2011. A group of more than sixty interested parties (seed growers, farmers, organic businesses) came together to challenge Monsanto on their patent practices. The group lost when New York District Court Judge Buchwald moved to dismiss, which was effectively a win for Monsanto.

The suit has now moved to the US Court of Appeals, in Washington D.C. There will be a January 10th hearing in the US Court of Appeals. Outside, in Lafayette Square, a “civic assembly" comprised of organic growers and farmers, is planned for 10 a.m.

Those concerned about genetically modified food, or “GM” plants, also known as transgenic plants, now have the larger concerns of FDA approval of GMO salmon, which grows at twice the rate as regular salmon, and a newer proposed genetically modified pork.

Transgenic animals are not an unknown; China now has several hundred genetically modified Holstein milk cows, modified to provide milk that is similar to human breast milk. That the US, or rather its large agricultural corporations are promoting transgenic salmon and pork is no surprise.

Thursday’s hearing addresses plants, not animals, and specifically addresses Monsanto’s ability to sue a farmer for being the recipient of GMO seed contamination. This is akin to catching the flu from a neighbor and being sued for the impact.

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