Live Free. Think Free.

Since early 2010, The HFT have been involved in a wide range of activities including protests, rallies, cop-watching, benefit shows, and much more. In 2011 we allied with Occupy Houston for several large marches across the city. In 2012 we helped end the TSA’s “BUSSAFE” program which allowed random searches of bus riders. Since 2014 we have led the charge to expose the Houston Police Department‘s use of Stingray cellphone surveillance.

However, in addition to the street action, the community is heavily involved in building a better Houston.

Whether it’s hosting free “SkillShares” on a range of topics, planting organic food at the Last Organic Outpost community farm, or sharing information through documentary screenings and infojams, the group has become a staple in Houston’s activist community and beyond. HFT strives to focus on solutions through localization and providing a forum for discussion of radical ideas and theories.


We are a community alliance of concerned humans who come together to raise awareness on topics ignored by the mainstream media, the government, and corporations. We place strong emphasis and focus on solutions and community building.


  •  We hold monthly meetings where we organize events aimed at working with the local Houston community, and shining a light on important issues.
  • We host free documentary screenings on a wide range of topics including Indigenous Struggles, 9/11 Truth, Corporatism, the Environment, Police State, The Federal Reserve Scam, Fluoridated Water, The Drug War, Geo-Engineering, Loss of Civil Liberties, Community, philosophy, the growing Police State, and erosion of Civil Liberties.
  • We host free community barbecues and picnics
  • We “infojam” aka hit the streets to do outreach and pass out flyers
  • We co-host For the Community, a bi-annual music/art/activism festival

As a loose network of people from varied backgrounds we are involved with numerous projects seeking knowledge, solutions, and independence. We do not expect everyone to agree on all issues but focus on common ground to advance the cause of liberation from oppression. We also realize “we the people” are our own safeguard against corrupt leaders and as such, our job is never done.