Abby Martin on the Piers Morgan Show: 6 Corporations Control 90% of Media

Nick Bernabe | The Anti-Media

Abby Martin has generated quite a few headlines recently after condemning the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this despite working for the Russian government funded news channel RT.

Abby, a folk hero in the independent journalism field, has now taken to the soon-to-be history Piers Morgan show to assert her journalistic independence ever further, condemning the mainstream media as corporate establishment hacks and stating the fact that America’s media is 90% owned by only a handful of mega corporations:

Then she continued, stating that US mainstream media self-censors themselves to protect corporate sponsors and the government talking points:

We at The Anti-Media would like to thank Abby for standing up for ethical journalism and for refusing to tow the line of her employers.

Abby’s now former colleague, Liz Wahl, has just resigned on air in protest of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. While we applaud Liz’ efforts, our question is when will mainstream journalists that work for the likes of Fox, MSNBC and CNN start to do the same? When will American establishment journalists shine some light on the abuses of the American empire? We can only hope that day will come soon.

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