A History of United States use of Chemical Weapons, Cluster Bombs


“Military men are just dumb stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” – Henry Kissinger.

America cries ‘bring down dictators’ little forgetting that they vote for Presidents who do not think twice about ordering use of chemicals upon entire villages and wiping out the natives of nations they invade on fictitious allegations that they have become masters at cooking up. While US falsely accuses countries of possessing ‘weapons of mass destruction’ America conveniently hides its use of depleted uranium and cluster bombs but has the audacity to send officials to sovereign nations and denigrate these nations purely based on allegations most of which they know are concocted with their connivance. With all these criminalities staring at America, the country creates portfolios to cook up war crime charges against other nations and these officials are now asking us to ‘seek truth’ and quoting a whole list of other terminology that is part of the bandwagon of lies and like the US tweet falls well in line with the modus operandi of how US and other globalists function.

So our most recent visitor has been US State Dept investigator for ‘war crimes of other nations except US’ and he will be or would have already drafted parts to be inserted into the 3rd Resolution against Sri Lanka in March. Who is making the allegations that the US will take as witness? Father Rayappu Joseph, Bishop of Mannar who declared open the ‘Embassy of the Tamil Eelam’, the Eelam House in London and allowed LTTE to use the Madhu Church and even fired from the Church to provoke the army to fire leaving the army with a Hobson’s choice and the Bishop never so much as issued a single statement demanding LTTE to leave or even complained to Church superiors overseas. It was a question of whether they all knew about the LTTE usage and did not mind.

The discussion is on America’s use of weapons of mass destruction which are divided into 3 broad types – nuclear weapons, chemical weapons and biological weapons.

There is nothing to be surprised that US remains the ONLY country to have used nuclear weapons in combat – secretly developed under the ‘Manhattan Project’ in the 1940s.

US did not think twice of the implications of using nuclear on civilian populations – in fact it was the objective when it used nuclear weapons TWICE on Japan (Hiroshima and Nagasaki). These two bombings killed 140,000 Japanese and injured over 130,000 people continue to still suffer the consequences. First was on 6th August 1945 and the next was on 9th August 1945 – knowing what happened on 6th August, 3 days later the US repeated the horrendous crime.

The occasions of US using chemical and other biological weapons are too many to list and their usage have covered the following list of nations US has militarily being involved in since World War 2.

1. JAPAN 1945




5. CUBA 1959-1961

6. VIETNAM 1961-73

7. GUATAMALA 1960-1964-1967-69


9. LAOS – 1964-73

10. PERU – 1965


12. CAMBODIA 1969-70

13. NICARAGUA 1981-90

14. EL SALVADOR 1981-92

15. LEBANON 1982 – 84

16. GRENADA 1983-4

17. LIBYA 1986

18. IRAN – 1987-88

19. LIBYA 1989

20. PANAMA – 1989-90


22. KUWAIT – 1991


24. SOMALIA 1992-94

25. IRAQ 2003 – PRESENT

26. IRAN – 1998

27. BOSNIA 1994-1995


29. SUDAN 1998



32. YEMEN 2002

33. IRAN 2003


35. SOMALIA 2007-8

36. YEMEN 2009

37. YEMEN 2011

38. SOMALIA 2011

Some of the crimes committed by the US in these countries are given below.


2004 – US used white phosphorus in the Iraqi city of Fallujah (White phosphorous is a chemical that burns when exposed to oxygen and when touching the skin causes severe burns which can extend down to the bone. The use of white phosphorus is illegal as an incendiary weapon but legal in its use for smoke screening to cover troops. The U.S. originally denied allegations but later admitted to them claiming their use of white phosphorus was in line with international laws. The use of white phosphorus in Fallujah not only killed enemy combatants but innocent civilians, including women and children who were burned alive. )


Under the administrations of Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush the U.S. sold Iraq anthrax, VX nerve gas, West Nile Virus germs, brucella melitensis, which causes organ damage and clostridium perfringens, which causes gangrene. US also communicated locations of Iranian forces to Iraqis via satellite imaging. t is estimated that 20,000 Iranian soldiers died directly from the use of chemical weapons while tens of thousands of soldiers and civilians suffered illnesses from chemical exposure. About 100,000 Iranians receive government compensation today for injuries and illnesses resulting from Iraq’s use of chemical weapons. According to declassified documents, the U.S. was aware of Iraq’s atrocities against both Iranian forces and Kurdish populations.


Vietnam was a chemical war for oil, permanently contaminating large regions and countries downriver with Agent Orange – environmentally the most devastating war in world history.
Between 1962 and 1971 during the Vietnam War the U.S. dumped 20 million gallons of herbicides over Vietnamese crops and forests, feeding and concealing opposition forces. 11.4 million gallons consisted of Agent Orange in addition to 8 million gallons of Agent White, Blue, Purple, Pink and Green. 4.8 million people were exposed to Agent Orange, resulting in 400,000 deaths and disabilities, in addition to 500,000 babies born with birth defects. Throughout the war Agent Orange destroyed 5 million acres of forest in addition to 500,000 acres of crops. Dioxin, a chemical laced in Agent Orange, which has been persistently linked to cancer, birth defects and other disabilities continues to affect generations 40 years later. The U.S.’s indiscriminate use of these chemicals in combination with the bombing of urban concentrations, killing countless civilians, constitute major war crimes by the U.S.


The South Koreans have filed over 60 large scale killings by US Military during the Korean War. US had adopted a policy of shooting refugees approaching US lines. The mass killings include:

Sept. 1, 1950 – opening fire on a refugee encampment on a beach near the southern South Korean port of Pohang. Survivors say 100 to 200 refugees — mostly women and children — were killed.
Aug. 10, 1950 – U.S. troops and aircraft fired on villagers who had sought shelter from fighting in a large family shrine in Kokan-ri, 83 killed mostly children. Declassified documents reveal orders to shoot civilians found in the war zone was given 2 weeks before.
Jan. 20, 1951 – US drops napalm firebombs where civilians were sheltering. Declassified documents reveal US troops were directed to attack large civilian groups on suspicion they harbored infiltrators.

Declassified documents (origin July 6, 1953 – declassified in March 2006) also reveal that US used biological weapons during Korean War but lied about pushing for probe. The Memo reveals US did not conduct a probe because it would reveal its use of unconventional military operations. In 1952, Commission of the International Association of Democratic Lawyers revealed that US planes used asphyxiating and other gases/chemical weapons.

The U.S. government funded an illegal, covert bombing campaign that killed tens of thousands of innocent civilians and left the small nation of Laos burdened with a deadly legacy that lives on today. Between 1964-73 US released 2.1 million tons ordnance (UXO) over Laos repeatedly. It was a direct violation of the Geneva Conventions on war to protect civilians and the 1954 Geneva Accords and 1962 Geneva Agreements that prohibited the presence of foreign military personnel or advisors in neutral Laos. US bombing missions were every eight minutes, twenty-four hours a day, for nine years. The United States dropped more bombs on Laos than it had dropped on all countries during World War II. After the war ended, up to 78 million unexploded cluster bombs and other ordnance remained, posing a constant threat to civilian life. In June 2007, a speech made by U.S. State Department official Richard Kidd – The U.S. government acknowledged that no other country in the world had suffered the long-term harm from cluster bombs that was inflicted on the people of Laos. UXO continues to kill or injure close to three hundred people each year and poses a major impediment to economic development. Laos remains one of the poorest countries in the world.

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