5 Yr Old Suspended for making ‘gun gesture’ with hand

By Brody O’Connell

David Hendrix was outraged to learn that his son, 5, was issued a suspension from school for making a gun gesture with his hand.

“He was playing army on the playground,” Hendrix told WBTV. “I just felt like the punishment was way too severe.”

Hendrix’s son is in kindergarten at Pinewood Elementary School in Gaston County. The boy was issued a one day in-school suspension, according to Hendrix.

Looking to resolve the issue, Hendrix told WBTV that he met with the school principal to plead his case. At first, the school didn’t budge, according to Hendrix. But Hendrix wasn’t giving up.

“I requested an immediate meeting that night with him myself and the school board, at their pleasure, anytime that night. And at that point they decided it was not worth the effort, not worth the headache and dropped everything right then and there,” Hendrix said.

WBTV made a dozen calls to Gaston County Schools Thursday. No one returned our calls.

Read more: http://www.wbtv.com/story/24207659/dad-son-5-issued-suspension-for-making-gun-gesture-with-hand

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