5 Tips to Help Activists Stay Balanced

The Liberty Beat

By: Derrick Broze

#HFT wants to take a moment to offer our activist followers some tips on how to stay centered. Whether you are an activist or just a busy person, these tips may be helpful to you. Happy Holidays!

1. Meditation – Taking a few moments to sit, stare ahead, and detach is a highly effective tool for clearing the mind. Don’t be discouraged if you can’t stop your thoughts, that’s normal! Remember that meditation is not a contest but a personal practice that will help you over time. Persistence will pay off.
2. Daily Reflection – At the end of every day, while laying in bed take a few moments to reflect on the events of your day. Take a moment to recognize any lessons learned. Remember your favorite part of the day. This will help focus your awareness on the positive aspects of your day.
3. Goal Writing – When taking on corporations, the government or your apathetic friends, we can become overwhelmed with a feeling of hopelessness. Though our actions may seem small, they do have an effect. Choose goals for yourself that you can accomplish in your own community. Seeing the physical results of your actions will only spur you on to bigger goals.
4. Breathe – Breathing is hugely important to our very existence yet it is often the most overlooked action we take everyday. Take deep, full breaths. Fill your lungs up, hold and release. Not only is deep breathing healthy for you it also helps bring your awareness back to center.
5. Gratitude – What is the point of all our protesting, marching, and letter writing if we forget what we are fighting for? The importance of reminding yourself of the positive aspects of your life and the accomplishments achieved cannot be overstated. Without an understanding of what we have, and what we are capable of it’s easy to lose sight of your goals. Take time everyday to remind yourself, “I am thankful for….”.

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