44 Police Officers Announce They Have No Faith in Corrupt Leadership, want Chief Fired

Cassius Methyl

(TheAntiMedia) Amidst the rampant, brutal corruption of American police departments today, another department decided to cross the ‘thin blue line’ this week, signing a petition to fire their chief of police who has a long record of power abuse.

He says he was retaliated against by the chief because his wife sued the department over sexual harassment.

The chief who is being held accountable for being corrupt by his department, William Anderson, faced previous accusations of racism in Florida, and has brought controversy wherever he went, including Greenville, NC and an unnamed city in Florida.

In the petition against Chief William Anderson, the 44 officers agreed,

“Asheville is not best served by its current police department leadership and request that these issues be addressed,”

They said they “fully stand behind Lt. Byrd”, and “Due to fear of reprisals and overall lack of confidence in leadership to handle the issues, many have not made their concerns known prior to the writing of this letter.”

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