2017: Seven Years of The Houston Free Thinkers

Hello friends, family, and fellow free thinkers!

We hope that everyone was able to ring in the new year with strong intentions for the coming year! Things have been going well in our world. First, at The Free Thinker House we have continued making progress in our goal to become more self-sufficient and community reliant! You can follow our progress on facebook and watch the videos on the HFT youtube channel! Thanks to everyone who has been supporting us.

Speaking of The Free Thinker House…

In addition to community gardening, meetings, and documentary screenings, we have finally returned to doing monthly benefit shows for local charities and causes! In November we raised around $400 for Houston Stands with Standing Rock to send water protectors back to North Dakota. In December we were able to raise almost $200 for Food Not Bombs Houston. Now we are ready to spend January focusing our energy on human trafficking.

Houston is an international hub for human and sex trafficking. This problem has been rapidly increasing in recent years and with the upcoming Super Bowl in early February there is expected to be an increase in this activity. We want to spend the whole month focusing on this. If you are interested in being involved we ask that you come join our next meeting on January 12th at 7 pm at 323 Hutcheson as we set our calendar of events. The goal is to host a documentary on trafficking, hit the streets before the Super Bowl to spread awareness, and host the benefit on January 27 to raise funds for survivors of human trafficking.

We need your help to clean up our city and we want to show that our communities are capable of taking care of each other! Come get involved and see how we can make this a reality!


– The Houston Free Thinkers –

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