2015 Update from The Houston Free Thinkers

2015 marks the beginning of the fifth year of the existence of the community known as The Houston Free Thinkers. From humble beginnings we have grown to a force in Houston activism. The original intent with this idea was to meet other like minds with concerns about the world and the city of Houston. We wanted to create a community where individuals could feel safe to discuss any topic and work with others to find solutions. I believe we have been successful in this effort and look forward to the next 5 years of the Houston Free Thinkers!

If you are just tuning NOW is the perfect time. We are transitioning out of 2014 and expanding many of our efforts. We plan to bring back past initiatives and create new ones. If you are interested in getting involved with our actions please subscribe to our Facebook page. If you are interested in debate and discussion join the HFT Facebook group. We should let you know that the group contains 5,000 plus people, many of whom are not in Houston or involved in anyway. The opinions and ideas expressed in the group are not necessarily representative of the real world Houston Free Thinkers.

Here are the topics we discussed in our February meeting. If you want to stay tuned in to our monthly events subscribe to our google calendar and/or follow the FB page! Thanks for the support and hope to meet you in person!



February Monthly Meeting

We had about 15 or so people show up for the February meeting. After brief introductions and going over last month’s actions we discussed plans for the coming month. These are some of the activities we decided on. Check the calendar for the events.

City Council Charter Amendment – We covered the recent action by City Council which would allow for any issue that has support from at least six council members to be added to the agenda for debate. It was unanimously approved and now goes to the Mayor for approval. If this passes it will empower the people and weaken the Mayoral position.

Global Action Against Torture – On January 31st we participated in the Global Action Against Torture. We were able to successfully grab the attention of local media and talk to people on the streets. Check out these videos (here and here) to see how it went! Look out for Global Day of Action Against Torture 2 on March 28, 2015.

Upcoming HFT Benefits – We love to connect to the community through art and music! We host benefit shows with local music for local causes! Saturday February 14 we are celebrating Valentines Day with our next benefit for Not On Our Watch America, a non-profit that focuses on helping educate the people on the epidemic of sexual assault of children. Check the details here.

HFT  SkillShare – We are happy to present the return of HFT Skillshares. Skillshares are free classes designed to educate our brothers and sisters in the community on a variety of topics, including Spanish, canning, soap making, knot tying and more. For past skillshares check out the playlist here. This month we are offering two skillshares from members of the community. These are “Car Maintenance” and “How to Get out of Traffic Tickets”.  In early April we are also going to host a skillshare on Holistic Health.

The Car Maintenance skillshare will be on Sunday March 1st and will show you how to change a tire, swap and bleed brakes, jump start the vehicle, change shocks and spark plugs, and more! The location has to be determined. Keep up with the calendar for more!

The second skillshare will explore how to beat those pesky traffic tickers. A date and location has not been set as of yet. Keep up with the calendar for this one also!

Community Gardens/Barbecues! – The weather is getting warmer and it’s time for us to go back to the community garden and to hold public barbecues! We believe in the power of community that forms around the garden, as much as we believe it to be a sustainable, healthy solution to mass produced, factory farming. We are involved at the Last Organic Outpost at 711 Emile!

Also we love to host barbecues at public spaces to meet others in the community! These are potluck style so anyone can bring their favorite food and share with others! We bring some info and make attempts to talk to “strangers” in the park and welcome them to our food and community! Look for more of these this Spring!

Thank you to everyone who continues to support us! Whether you share videos, come to meetings, benefits, protests or simply support us from your home, we are thankful! We are just getting started and none of this is possible without you!

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