14 Ways To Live An Awesome Earth Friendly Lifestyle!

Higher Perspective

This simple guide is written to help you lead a life that is good for you, your community, and the earth. Most of these tips will cost you nothing to implement and many of them will save you money.

They will help you to increase your health and happiness and that of the people, animals, and environment that you interact with. But Beware! People will think you are awesome. You will be flooded with compliments, love, and appreciation. People will want to talk to you and be around you. Your life will have purpose and you will be passionate to be alive.

Start small. Choose what will be easiest for you and do that first. Your confidence will build over time and each step will become easier as you progress in living a life that is good for everyone involved. Over time you’ll find yourself happier and healthier and you will likely feel liberated from the things that were holding you back. Your positivity and health will likely rub off on others and you’ll find yourself creating a more vibrant world around you.

1. Eat a whole food plant based diet which means more veggies, fruits, grains, and nuts and less animal products. Try to buy organic and unpackaged food as well.

2. Start riding a bike, walking and using public transportation and minimize your time in cars.

3. Go local. Eat local, shop local, play local.

4. Reduce- Reuse- Recycle and in that order. Recycling comes last and is a very energy intensive process. Much of the trash we create takes 100′s of years to biodegrade so try to cut back on the amount you make. Compost your food waste, repair items, and find new uses for old stuff.

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